New arrival of models from the Arktika collection!

Arktika - is one of the most beloved and best-selling models of the Shturmanskie brand. The last watch of this model was sold out a year and a half ago. We are glad to inform the fans of the Shturmanskie brand that in a month we are returning the Arktika to our assortment.

          The following models are expected to arrive:


Estimated time of appearance of these models is the second half of March.

Arktika -  is a watch for harsh polar conditions.

On January 5, 1956, the first Soviet polar explorers landed on the coast of the icy continent; and already on February 13 the Mirny station started its work. Thus began the active exploration of Antarctica.

In conditions when the polar night made it difficult to navigate the time of day, it was important to have a reliable watch that helped not to lose touch with reality.

In 1956, the First Moscow Watch Factory launched manufacturing of special products for participants in expeditions to the Earth's poles. The watches had a peculiarity — an unusual 24-hour dial, which was of great relevance for the polar explorers. The watches were called “Antarctida” and “Severny Polyus”

Today the “Arktika” watches collection is produced under the Russian watches brand name “Sturmanskie”. 

It includes the “Arktika Heritage 24 Hours” watches, a worthy successor of the “Antarctida” and “Severny Polyus”, fully justifying its name. 

It is not difficult to see the characteristic features of the “predecessors” in this model:

- 24-hour dial face;

- branded design of even numbers indicating hours;

- markings design;

- partially digitized minute scale;

- recognizable arrow silhouette and style;

- luminescent coating on arrows and indices.

In addition, the watch is available in a wider range of colors and with different straps, so that the wearer can choose a solution to his or her liking.

The back cover features a pictorial map of the Arctic.

The new “Arktika” watches are bigger than the Soviet model; they are water resistant (up to 3 ATM) and have a diameter of 42 mm. The case of the watches is made of stainless steel, and the dial is protected with acrylic glass.

The watch mechanism is a self-winding mechanical caliber, which works on 32 ruby jewels and has a power reserve of 31 hours; its average daily rate is from -10 to + 30 seconds.

The automatic winding mechanism is equipped with a safety device to prevent the spring from being overwound, and the balance axis is equipped with an anti-shock device.

For those who like the design of the model, but not quite comfortable with the 24-hour dial, the collection presents an alternative — the “Arktika Heritage” watches that are similar in appearance, but have a more familiar 12-hour scale with additional marks for afternoon time and a window for displaying the current date.

Finally, there is one more curious model – “Arktika Day-Night” – in this collection. It is an example of multi-functionality: the watch has two hour scales — a 24-hour scale and a minute scale, as well as a window for displaying the current date.

Despite the abundance of information, the dial of the watch looks simple and stylish.

The watches are made of the same materials as the “Heritage” watches and have a similar size of 42 mm. The movement is also similar. It is a self-winding Vostok 2432 automatic movement.

Each model of the Russian watches  belonging to the “Arktika” collection present a harmonious embodiment of the best traditions of the Soviet watchmaking, and can be both added to the collection and worn in harsh conditions of polar winters or traveling around the world.