All orders through Sturmanskie website in Russia are shipped by courier service SDEK. Worldwide shipping is operated by DHL.
Delivery time depends on your region.


Shipping time and prices.

Russian Federation 1-6 days FREE
Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan 1-2 days
CIS countries 1-3 days
Western Europe (Germany, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy etc.) 1-2 days
Eastern Europe, Denmark, Norway etc. 1-2 days
United States, Canada 2-3 days
China, Japan, Korea 2-3 days
Southeast Asia and Middle East 2-3 days
South America, Australia, New Zealand 3-5 days

Your delivery address is entered when placing an order

Approximate delivery time is available at checkout

Shipping fee

Delivery is FREE of charge all over Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The price of worldwide shipping depends on your destination.

Shipping Features

Delivery is made by a courier or delivery partners. Upon receiving your order, open the package and check for completeness of your order. A package should contain a watch, receipt, and warranty.

Order Tracking

After confirming and shipping your order, we will send all the information to track the location of your order.If you have not received this information, please contact us by e-mail